Case Studies
November 2003 INTERNET TRUCK STOP Truckers hungry for fast business connections without the wired rigmarole are freed at last. They can enjoy secure, reliable mobile... Read More >>
October 2003 MAKING THE MOST OUT OF COMPLEX CODE Purveyors of debugger TotalView figured they had their market pegged and sewn up in the HPC crowd at big research centers and government... Read More >>
September 2003 CAN OPEN SOURCE JUXTAPOSE PROFITS AND TECHNOLOGY IN CONVENIENCE STORES? Technology spending is expected to grow significantly in connection-hungry convenience stores thorough 2005... Read More >>
Product Reviews
February 2011 Cloud Jumpstart to Staging and Collaborative Workflow Testing By extending VMware to include the virtualization of an entire prototype environment, including multiple VMs and the applications running... Read More >>
June 2010 For Virtual Desktops, Latency Matters Some call it Distributed Computing 2.0. others call it the most profound infrastructure change since the start of distributed computing... Read More >>
April 2010 Jumpstart SAN & LAN Convergence For IT, the simplest and most immediate strategy to begin to leverage 10GbE in a datacenter, especially when dealing with a VOE... Read More >>
Technology Briefings
July 2007 Disaster Recovery Wizardry The bottom line for disaster recovery is that it’s a matter of when not if. Whether the problem comes about through a fast-spreading... Read More >>
February 2003 SOUNDING THE DIGITAL REPRODUCTION CHAIN Sad but true: A perfect speaker carries less than perfect sound in a less than perfect room... Read More >>
THE BASICS OF SPAM FILTERING You pay for your bandwidth. You pay for your data storage. Do you really want to pay for unsolicited commercial e-mails... Read More >>
News Analysis
August 2003 WHAT TIPS THE SCALES FOR AN OPEN DBMS? How do those in PostgreSQL inner circles view the partnering of MySQL AB and SAP AG? Josh Berkus, a member of the PostgreSQL... Read More >>
June 2003 HOW BRAVE IS YOUR CTO? HOW ENDEMIC IS YOUR CYA? A senior executive and Open Source architect confesses to why fallacious TCO reports about “costly Linux” and tortured logic... Read More >>
May 2003 TUX TO HBR The Harvard Business Review has declared the strategic importance of IT over. We say nonsense! Their analysis rests on this tenet of proprietary software... Read More >>