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July 2013 Detect, Resolve, and Even Predict SAP Performance Issues Organizational managers of SAP applications confront challenging questions every day that demand answers. In order to engage the best performance of SAP applications, it is important to... Read More >>
July 2013 Boost Security via Smartphone Container Management For many organizations today, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution has been a mixed bag of blessings. Although both team members and organizations certainly benefit from... Read More >>
July 2013 How IBM Drives DevOps into the Cloud Software-driven innovation is increasingly seen as the golden brick road to business success. Skillfully implemented DevOps concepts can empower organizations to obtain greater business value... Read More >>
Service Management Archives
August 2013 Fueling an ROI Hurricane Businesses today are making the case for integration by utilizing linked data and Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC). This applies to nearly any business context or IT infrastructure where... Read More >>
August 2013 New Solutions, New Roles, New Value Organizations today that utilize the System zEnterprise mainframe are familiar with its strengths including industry-leading security, scalability, hardware utilization, and most importantly... Read More >>
August 2013 Ivor Macfarlane: A Journey Not Quite As Planned Ivor Macfarlane, of IBM’s Tivoli organization, documents his travel delays and the importance of a well-organized customer centric management team while embarking on a trip from the UK to Australia. Two key... Read More >>
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July 2012 Mobile Security: Smaller Devices, Bigger Threats With the rise of mobile technology, personal and business devices are merging, making Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) a very real phenomenon. Organizations need to accept this reality... Read More >>
July 2012 Smarter Cloud Management: Look, Ma, No Hands! Changing business requirements make knowing how best to develop and utilize a cloud for your own organization’s circumstances a challenge. Fortunately, SmartCloud Foundation from IBM provides... Read More >>
July 2012 Tap Your Full Potential with POWERful Software Development For those organizations that have invested in IBM Power Systems® as a service delivery platform, an even greater return can be realized by using Power for IT development. New capabilities... Read More >>
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April 2013 EMC Avamar: High Performance Backup and Recovery For a Software-Defined Data Center Data centers are becoming more difficult to manage and protect as more data and applications are moved into virtual software-defined environments. Adding fuel to the fire, CIOs must now... Read More >>
February 2013 Paragon StarWind iSCSI SANs Maximize Performance and Functionality for Virtualized Storage Systems openBench Labs examines the storage virtualization features and performance of the Paragon StarWind iSCSI SAN storage... Read More >>
December 2012 Condusiv’s V-locity 4 Boosts Virtual Machine Performance Over 50% Without Additional Hardware Condusiv Technologies’ V-Locity 4 optimizes I/O and boosts standard I/O performance metrics from the unique perspective of limiting unnecessary I/O. Not only does this technique afford a VM running... Read More >>