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OPEN serves to bring you information on the latest industry innovations that help transform IT and supercharge the IT value proposition.

IT is crucial to every aspect of business from supporting the management of business process costs to helping respond to changes in supply and demand through the identification of critical business process adjustments in real time. IT is at the heart of every business process initiative, dealing with the external forces of globalization, commoditization, shrinking product lifecycles, and increased regulatory compliance. As a result, business processes are more automated and IT dependent than ever before.

Every day the computational firepower of commodity systems continues to expand exponentially. The constant growth of hardware and software capabilities presents a challenge for IT managers who may find themselves constrained by the cost and process of traditional IT management techniques.

OPEN articles concentrate on both the technology and management issues that IT managers must address in order to transform their strategy and break those constraints.

OPEN is presented by StratComm, Inc., who take pride in supplying readers with up-to-date and informative articles and white papers on a broad range of IT industry trends that will help them manage and adjust their IT management strategy to the ever-growing IT industry.

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