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EMC Avamar: High Performance Backup and Recovery For a Software-Defined Data Center
New Technology Enablement for the Enterprise Cloud
by Jack Fegreus

Data centers are becoming more difficult to manage and protect as more data and applications are moved into virtual software-defined environments. Adding fuel to the fire, CIOs must now deal with corporate mandates to build an IT infrastructure that scales to unknown demand levels and provides service assurance for fluctuating conditions that cannot be accurately projected. To gain an insight into how EMC Avamar builds high efficiency and high performance into a unified data protection solution for physical and virtual systems, a series of backup and restore tests were run in a VMware® vSphere 5.1 environment. Tests were performed on EMC systems and the Avamar 6.1 results were compared to CommVault Simpana 9, and Symantec NetBackup

For CIOs, the data protection equation is rapidly becoming further complicated by a growing trend among corporate departments to store “copy data” as an internal way to deal with their own needs for local data backup, and protection. Propelling the data copy problem is a toxic brew that is one part fear of government regulations and compliance mandates on how companies function and one part distrust of corporate IT to provide fast recovery services that never require the retrieval of tapes from an off-site location. As a result, there is a growing trend within Line of Business (LoB) groups to be over-protective with data by keeping multiple secondary copies.


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